ICEP 4.0

International Conference on

Entrepreneurship- Palestine

ICEP is constantly building on the successes of past years. Since its inception in 2019 it has become the platform where global expertise meet local leaders and drive the entrepreneurial landscape forward.

This year, on November 1st, the International Conference on Entrepreneurship- Palestine will be held in the museum of the future in Dubai with sharp focus on Palestinian founders and promising startups.

What we experience in Palestine is beginning of a wonderful story of our future

Steffi Czerny- Huber Burda Media



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Meet the Co-Chairs

For the past two years, ICEP was being shaped and led by the vision of our chairs who connect a global network of experts with the vision of Palestine, the next hub for contents and talented entrepreneurs.

Samer Khoury

Chairman, CCC

Hashim Shawa

Chairman, Bank of Palestine Group

Steffi Czerny

Senior Advisor, Hubert Burda Media

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We are thankful to the visionary leadership of ICEP sponsors who share our vision and provide us with the tools to deliver our conference for the third year!

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