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Showcasing Palestinian Startups in Dubai

Nov 1st- Museum of the Future

Nov 2nd- DIFC Fintech Hive

ICEP 4.0

International Conference on

Entrepreneurship- Palestine

ICEP is constantly building on the successes of past years. Since its inception in 2019 it has become the platform where global expertise meet local leaders and drive the entrepreneurial landscape forward.

This year, on November 1st, the International Conference on Entrepreneurship- Palestine will be held in the museum of the future in Dubai with sharp focus on Palestinian founders and promising startups.


ICEP 4.0

Panel discussions and startup pitches held at the Museum of the Future on November 1st, 2022

Networking event between Angel Investors and VC Funds with Palestinian startup founders on November 2nd, 2022

Day 01

Day 02


The International Conference on Entrepreneurship- Palestine 2022 kicks off with a recorded speech by inspiring  world leaders and true changemakers.

Prof. Klaus Schwab

Founder and Executive Chairman at World Economic Forum, Switzerland Geneva

What we experience in Palestine is the beginning of a wonderful story of our future.

The future is about innovation, knowledge economy and entrepreneurship.


Event schedule

Day 01

Nov 1st
Museum of the Future- Dubai

[Special Recorded message]

Prof. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman at World Economic Forum, Switzerland Geneva [replay the recording]


Ministerial session\ Integrating Innovation between Levant and GCC

HE Minister Usama Al Sa’dawi, Minister of Entrepreneurship & Empowerment, State of Palestine

Khawaja Aftab Ahmed, Regional Director, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Moderated by: Mohamad Musleh

Collaboration for innovation.

Saeed Al Falasi, Executive Director, Future Design and Acceleration at Dubai Future Foundation

Alya AlZarouni, Executive Vice President – Operations, Dubai International Financial Centre – DIFC.

Hashim Shawa, Chairman, Bank of Palestine Group, Co-Chair – ICEP

Maher Awartani, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer, APIC Group

Mirek Dusek, Managing Director; Global Programming Group, World Economic Forum (recorded)


Moderated by: Zaid Ghazaleh, McKinsey, Dubai

Showcasing Palestinian Startup Pitches [Intersect Innovation Hub]

Peter Abualzolof, Mashvisor PropTech

Aws Al Nabulsi, Gamiphy – Retail-Tech

Christina Ganim, Kenz – E-Commerce

Dina Abdul Majeed, 360 Moms – Health-tech

Diala Khashan, Vatrin – E-commerce/SaaS

Moderated by: Rateb Rabi, Managing Director, Intersect Innovation Hub

Towards a Silicon Road: Trends Shaping the Future in MENA Region

Fares Ghandour, Partner, Wamda Capital

Rabih Khoury, Managing Partner, Chief Exit Officer, Middle East Venture Partners – MEVP

Habib Hazzan, Managing General Partner, Ibtikar Fund

Tammer Qaddumi, Partner, Venture Souq

Sharif El-Badawi, CEO at Dubai Future District Fund

Tala Al Jabri, Angel Investor, Saudi Angel Investors


Moderated by: Anissa Kanoun-VC Investment Officer, IFC, Dubai

Show Casing Palestinian Startup Pitches [IPSD]

Aous Mansour, GoMake – Manufacturing Technology

Suna Othman Zoabi, Tawazon – Health-tech

Ahmad Altawafsheh, Algebra – Energy, Technology, AI, IoT

Bashir Alsaifi, Jobify – Artificial Intelligence

Moaaz Tarek, Xina AI – AI and Machine Learning

Moderated by: Amany Dahir, Market Linkages Component Lead, Innovative Private Sector Development/DAI

Innovating through Music.

Presentation by: Trio Joubran

Day 02

Nov 2nd
DIFC Fintech Hive

Hosted by: Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR)

Venue: at the 3D printed office (middle section)

Dr. Marwan Tarazi – Director, Development Insights & Creative Solutions, Center for Continuing Education – Birzeit University


Maryam Ahmed Hassani – Abu Dhabi Hub Outgoing Vice-Curator

Tamara Kleibo – East Jerusalem Hub Curator

Ahmed Mazlom – Dubai Hub Curator

Hanan Abukmail – Gaza Hub Curator

Mohammad Khdair – Nablus Hub Curator

Rula Odeh – Ramallah Hub Impact Officer

Moderated by Dr. Patrick Noack, Executive Director – Future Foresight and Imagination, Dubai Future Foundation

Investment Opportunities in Palestine: Perspectives from the Palestinian Diaspora

Khaldoon Bushnaq, Founder, Alma Health, UAE

Mohannad Itayem, CEO, Reach International Holding

Husam Barqawi, Founder ITG Software

Dr. Inas Deeb, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit at Dar Al Kalimah University


Moderated by: Noor Lozi, Investor at Kingsway Capital

Investor incentives in Palestine

Hisham Kassim, Senior Partner at Levari Law Firm

Youssef Habesch, Resident Representative, WB & Gaza, International Finance Corporation- IFC

Hani Alami, Founder & Chairman – JEST, CEO – Coolnet

Ambar Amleh, Managing Partner – Ibtikar Fund


Moderated by: Mona Nabil Demaidi, Director of Girls in Tech- Palestine

“Startup Investor Speed Dating”
Pitch session with Angel Investors

  • Khaled Sabaawi, Open Screenplay – Screenwriting, Entertainment, & Ed-Tech
  • Thaer Samara, Safra – Travel Tech
  • Khaled Zbidat, Flare – Streaming, Gaming, AdTech
  • Tawfiq Sadeddin, JeelCode – Ed-Tech
  • Hazmeh Ghosheh, Naviatx – Insurtech, Smart mobility
  • Shatha Ajaj, Modesta – Fashion, E-Commerce
  • Mohammad Taweel, ERPMax – Tech
  • Fawaz Samara, Nabeeh – Home Services
  • Rabi Barakat, Cymetricx – Cybersecurity
  • Amir Shihadeh, Tadamon – Humanitarian, NGO
  • Ram Mere, Olivery – Logistics
  • Tarek Eslim, Booklet – Fintech

Moderated by: Sami Khoreibi, Founding Partner at Incubayt Investments Ltd.

Networking reception by DIFC


Executive Director, Future Design and Acceleration at Dubai Future Foundation

Chairman- Bank of Palestine Group

Managing Partner at Ibtikar Fund

Managing Director- Global Programming Group, World Economic Forum

VC Investment Officer, IFC, Dubai

Angel Investor at Saudi Angel Investors

Managing General Partner- Ibtikar Fund

Executive Vice President- Operations, DIFC


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Meet the Co-Chairs

For the past 3 years, ICEP was being shaped and led by the vision of our Co-Chairs who connect a global network of experts with the vision of Palestine, in order to help create the next hub for innovation and talented entrepreneurship slated to collaborate with the world.

Samer Khoury

Chairman, CCC

Hashim Shawa

Chairman, Bank of Palestine Group

Mirek Dusek

Managing Director; Global Programming Group, World Economic Forum

Steffi Czerny

Senior Advisor, Hubert Burda Media

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